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With our expert touch, we ensure that your creation not only meets but exceeds the expectations of users and business objectives. From the intricate craftsmanship of product and code to the seamless release, we infuse quality at every level.

  • Armed with a repertoire of 5 programming languages and multiple testing tools.
  • With a team boasting an impressive 85% ISTQB certification rate.
  • ISTQB-certified QA consultants.
  • Experience in 30+ industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, logistics, professional services etc.
  • ISO 9001-certified mature quality management system to 100% meet our clients’ highest quality needs and expectations.

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API Testing

Our API Testing services are designed to guarantee your application programming interfaces meet all expectations related to functionality, reliability, performance, and security. This service reduces the costs of Manual testing while easily integrating the GUI.

Web & Mobile QA

Explore our versatile Web and Mobile Quality Assurance Solutions designed to integrate the best QA practices into your project development schedule. A top software QA tester is always on top of the latest changes in mobile and web quality indicators.

Security Testing

Identify potential threats, security gaps, and all kinds of software vulnerabilities with our Security Testing services. We will apply state-of-the-art risk modeling scenarios and establish a development roadmap to bring your product up to speed.

Performance Testing

Maximize the user-friendliness of your software app by focusing on Performance Testing. We will go above and beyond to ensure your app and servers have the highest level of performance, stability, and responsiveness.

Popular misconceptions

Performance testing should be carried out in a production environment


“We don’t need testing, we will check everything ourselves”

If you desire a popular and sought-after IT product that generates profit while satisfying users, our quality assurance service is the perfect choice for you.

“Our product is tested by users”

Remember, there is only one chance to make a strong impression and be at the top. If users receive an untested product and are disappointed, they are unlikely to give it another try. We highly recommend thorough testing before releasing the product.

“Why do we need testing? Do your developers write bad code?”

QA engineers play a vital role in ensuring the coherence of requirements and implemented functionality, as well as evaluating logic and usability. While developers conduct testing at the code level, it is generally less effective in other scenarios.

“We have our own testers”

Working closely together, developers and testers offer a significant advantage by saving time throughout the development process. This collaborative approach allows the team to operate harmoniously, maintaining a shared pace and aligned priorities.

How You Benefit from Software QA Services by Sifter Studios Inc.


severe defects underway because of the QA cycle customized to the product particulars, proficient plan, and prioritization of experiments.


testing costs are reduced because of KPI-based command over QA and testing execution; reusable experiments/scripts.


testing time is minimized because of the fast versatility of testing assets and master execution of the shift-left approach and test automation.


software maintenance costs because of limited leakage of defects, proactive QA during software development (e.g. time relapse and performance testing).

What you get

IT-product that meets business objectives

Confidence that the product is working correctly 24/7

Test documentation that helps to prevent issues

The opportunity to develop IT-systems

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