Why You Should Hire Sifter Studios Inc. as Your Education App Development Company

Our solutions make education mobile app development synonymous with comfort and ease. Our education app development encompasses a broader span of world class features and functionalities to turn take your learning business global.

Flexibility Of Usage

Our educational mobile app development allows learners to access content on any device and provides the key advantage of offline functionality after downloading the course.

Greater Push Notification Reach

Education mobile apps enable instant mass notification of critical information and updates, along with seamless integration with social media platforms for extended reach. They also facilitate efficient delivery of timely push notifications and alerts related to courses and resources.

Higher Course Completion Rate

Our mobile learning app development solutions increase course completion rates significantly by allowing learners to access and complete courses more efficiently during their downtime using handheld devices.

Adaptability To Latest Teaching Methodology

Our mobile eLearning application development offers versatile solutions, ranging from easily digestible learning nuggets to interactive job aids. Our scalable and well-designed app can be seamlessly upgraded with newer teaching methodologies, ensuring learners derive maximum benefit from the platform.

Greater Engagement & Interactiveness

As an educational app development company, our focus is on creating efficient education apps that enhance user engagement. We strive to make course delivery, assessments, practice sessions, and FAQs interactive and engaging for users.

Break free from the traditional classroom and embrace technology with our education app development services.

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Custom Mobile E-Learning App

Our expertise in mobile app development allows us to create mobile learning apps that prioritize the needs of the user, providing learners with knowledge anytime and anywhere they desire. We offer a complete range of mobile learning solutions that surpass user expectations.

Language learning apps

School learning app

Apps for kids

Campus Solutions

Gamified learning app

Tuition management app

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LIVE Virtual Classroom Solutions

Our team specializes in developing live virtual classroom solutions that are both interactive and engaging, perfectly suited to your online teaching requirements. Our WebRTC-based platform can seamlessly integrate with your LMS, allowing you to start your live classes without any inconvenience.

Interactive virtual whiteboard

Adoptive video and audio conferencing

Record sessions on the go

Private and public chats

Screen sharing

Polls and surveys

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Online Monitoring Tool

Our team creates AI-driven online exam monitoring tools that are both scalable and cost-effective, ensuring secure virtual exams. Using cutting-edge technology, WebRTC and AI experts deliver reliable and foolproof proctoring solutions.

WebRTC based streaming

AI-assisted monitoring

Video authentication

Reports & analytics

LMS integrations

Text & audio chat

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