Business Models, We Support

Select a customizable business service model that fits your preferences.

On-demand In-store Model

Ideal for entrepreneurs who don't need a dedicated delivery staff, our service caters to customers who drop off their dirty clothes at a laundromat.

On-demand Onsite Model

We provide mobile app and website development services that allow users to conveniently order laundry pickup and delivery at a time that suits them, all at an affordable price.

Laundry Marketplace

We specialize in creating platforms similar to Cleanly, where users can connect with various laundry services. This model is ideal for startups that don't have their own equipment and enables them to provide laundry services to their customers through a network of partnering providers.

Key Features Of Laundry App Development Solution

Promote Business Online

One way to attract customers is by offering enticing discounts and gift coupons.


Multiple Payment Options

Add different payment options to your app, to make it more convenient for your customers.


Order Management

Make laundry management easier by using the Admin Panel instead of doing it manually.


User Registration

It becomes easy to access an app if registration is done through any functional app.


Real-Time Tracking

By analyzing the delivery process, you can identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance your business operations.


Better ROI

You can use different tools like real-time updates and push notifications to inform customers about new deals.

Want to Develop an On-demand Laundry App for Your Business?

Contact us. We have experience in developing custom on-demand laundry app solutions with advanced features like schedule pick up & delivery, real-time tracking, push notification.

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Why Choose Us For Your Dry Cleaning Software Development?

We Offer Best-in-class Features to Empower Your Laundry Business
Tailor-Made Solution

We can create special features for your app that fit your business requirements.
Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee that our well-designed app will provide your customers with satisfying delivery experiences.
Various Payment Option

Our app has customized options for payments, making it both safe and quick for your customers.
Configure Delivery Charges

Easily configure the delivery charges the way you want it to meet your business needs.
Faster Implementation

With our reliable and adaptable solution, you can get online quickly and make more money.
Referrals and Invites

You can invite friends and family to increase your customer base with our flexible referral system.

Maximizing Business Value with Advanced Technologies and Services



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